About us

On the island of Lanzarote, the most easterly of the Canary archipelago, born in 2008 Queseria Flower Teguise SL whose aim will be to continue the ancient tradition of agriculture, and the production of cheese Conejero adapting to new production technologies and by providing rigorous quality controls.


Heritage and tradition

Since then, the result is a prestigious aromas inherited from the past, the taste of that which has its origins in the history of the island tradition, and that meets the highest security for today's consumer.


In early 2013, due to dwindling resources to take forward one of its main crops the sweet potato, we choose to start frying it, thus closing a beneficial circle that is exchanged raw material from agriculture-livestock: fodder for goats, and the compost of these for sweet potatoes.

La Flor de Teguise

From here, it will begin to know the company with the name La Florita Lanzarote SL, , covering the cheese under the trademark La Flor de Teguise, and the sweet potato fries as Batatito's Snacks.

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