The process of making cheese

The cheese is made based on goat milk is collected daily on our farm.

After the automatic milking, milk is introduced into Cuba curdling, where it rises to a temperature about 32 ° C and added, depending on the type of cheese you want to draw, starter cultures or coagulants of plant or animal type (rennet).



After coagulation, the milk is transformed from a liquid to a solid or semisolid state, due to the agglutination of the micelles of the protein casein, forming a gel (curd) that also retains the fat globules, water and salts.


After clotting time, it is then cut through user lira denominated obtaining a grain size between 5 and 15mm in diameter. To remove the resulting serum was the draining.

Mold filling

With the resulting paste was the filling of molds and pressing them, which serve to finish ejecting the compacted mass serum and ultimately giving way to the cheese.



After the release, the process continues with the salty and ends with the matured and conservation in chambers during periods that can last, depending on the variety, from a few hours to more than 6 months. Once the cheese has reached the optimum level of healing is packaged and labeled for sale.

Raw milk to be used, ie, non-heat treated, retains more cheese flavor and full fat.

Milk quality ensures obtaining good quality cheese, so here include an old saying:

'El ojo del dueño engorda el caballo'.
Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional

Proyecto para mejorar la productividad y competitividad: con la incorporación de la nueva maquinaria, tratamos de completar el circuito desde la llegada de la materia prima a la fábrica, hasta su empaquetado, y mejorar, tanto higiénico-sanitario como trato al producto, al ser un circuito más limpio y continuo desde la entrada de la materia prima, pasando por los diferentes procesos, hasta llegar a finalizar con su empaquetado, obteniendo un producto final más uniforme y estable en el tiempo.

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