The manufacturing process

Even today, providing new and modern processes, getting premium products would not be possible without maintaining our traditional style, where we develop different processes such as selection in the field, Choice In Situ in the factory, Preparation, Processing, Labelling and distribution.



First, and not least, is the minunicioso selection process on the farm itself, since the final product will come here.


It continues with a second pick in the factory, passing the following phases only considered suitable material and high quality, and can only ensure premium products.

Cut and fry

A selected and washed once proceeds to be cut without being peeled, hence its distinctive red outer ring. Now thinly sliced​​, enters the fryer where will be the right and necessary time for our Sweet Fried acquire a tempting golden color and unique flavor, unmatched.

Touch of salt

Once fried and passing the time required for draining, you just add salt to combine the sweet of our product with added salt through salt.


Now we only have to packaging, where before entering the train packaging, a rigorous selection process is done, this train passing Fried Sweet only that it remains optimal.

Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional

Proyecto para mejorar la productividad y competitividad: con la incorporación de la nueva maquinaria, tratamos de completar el circuito desde la llegada de la materia prima a la fábrica, hasta su empaquetado, y mejorar, tanto higiénico-sanitario como trato al producto, al ser un circuito más limpio y continuo desde la entrada de la materia prima, pasando por los diferentes procesos, hasta llegar a finalizar con su empaquetado, obteniendo un producto final más uniforme y estable en el tiempo.

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